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Recently, to make my 10-core CPU Windows 10 PC (both as work station and server) more stable, I set up a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop in VMWare Workstation, as a torrent downloader and uploader and a plex server.

The system on the hardware is Windows 10, and to make the Disk as large possible, I configured the two 4TB disks with RAID 0 supported by Windows 10. And now I have an 8TB large disk and I want to mount a shared folder on it from Ubuntu.

Failed Attempts

My first Naive thought was to first connect to the Windows Samba server and then mount it, separating the whole process into 2 steps. But it turns out that you can never connect to a Windows shared Folder on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Gnome Connection Failure

Firstly, I tried to connect to the server by using the Gnome File Explorer, but it just stays in the original windows after clicking the Connect button.

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After referring to many online tutorials I found that it may be some issue with the Gnome Samba support.

Smbclient Connection Failure

Then I tried to connect to the Samba server with smbclient. It just does not work as well. Due to some kind of unknown incompatibility. I turned on SMB 1,2,3 Servers on Windows 10, but never worked.

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Mount the Disk Directly

Later, I found a tutorial (Ref. 1) and watched the video inside and successfully mounted the disk on Ubuntu. Following is the process.

Firstly, install the cifs-utils dependency,

$ sudo apt-get install cif-utils

Then create a folder at the /mnt folder to assign a name for the disk you want to mount to the OS. (In my case, diskname)

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/diskname

Mount with the following command and entering the password,

$ sudo mount -t cifs // -o username="you_user_name" /mnt/diskname

Now, if you use the following command, you will see all the files in the shared folder,

$ ls /mnt/diskname


  2. Setup RAID on Window 10:,36783.html

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